We Rise To The Occasion

The Man Behind The Productions

Barnie Redzan is a well established Emcee that has been performing for fourteen years all over Malaysia and Singapore. he has graced numerous occasions involving local and foreign dignitariessuch as the former D.Y.M.M Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong, His Royal Highness Yang DiPertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, the former prime minister of Malaysia y.a.b dato’ seri abdullah ahmad badawi, former prime minister of malaysia y.a.b tun dr. mahathir mohamed,the prime minister of malaysia dato’ seri mohd najib tun abdul razak, his excellency the president of pakistan, foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, diplomats etc.he is nicknamed as “the most happening emcee in town”, “the most hyper emcee” & “the man with the golden voice”. some of his shows and performance has been labelled as unbelievable and highly entertaining. he has drawn as high as 150,000 people during “the longest yee sang event in malaysia” at bukit bintang kuala lumpur back in the year 2007. barnie redzan is a true 1malaysia emcee as he has a rare capabalities in relating to the crowd of all races and all levels smoothly and comfortably being from a normal laymen to highly respectable vvips. he holds a rare distinction of being a malay emcee that has done wedding occasions for all races besides malay such as the indian hindus, christians chinese, punjabis and iranian both in bahasa malaysia and english.
barnie redzan is a complete all rounder emcee. he is capable of being a moderator, a speaker, a sports commentator as well as helming variety types of events such as sports events, carnivals, seminars, family days, annual dinners,
launch ceremony, conventions, weddings, protocol functions etc he has been regarded by some as one of the best sports commentator in malaysia especially in the water sports events such as rowing, kayaking,
dragon boats and water skiing.as he once used to say “i feel like i’m in heaven whenever i hold the mic”.he is truly “the people’s emcee” as entertaining the crowd and makes people happy will be his utmost priority.

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